World Economic Forum Pushes Mass Migration As Solution To Biden’s Failing Economy. – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum proposed mass immigration as the solution to America’s ongoing economic crisis.

The suggestion was made in an article – “Labour squeeze: Is immigration the answer to widespread worker shortages?” – on the World Economic Forum (WEF) website by the group’s Digital Editor for  Strategic Intelligence, John Letzing.

The WEF, which has admitted to exploiting COVID-19 and climate change to advance a far-left social agenda which includes the abolition of private property, closely collaborates with the world’s leading corporations – all of which benefit from the cheap labor provided by immigration.

“Several years after a financially strapped New York City was denied federal assistance in 1975, it commenced a period of economic revival mostly remembered in terms of zealous, broken-windows policing and a deep cleanse of Times Square,” begins the article before claiming:

The article laments that “the calculated use of nationalism and prejudice can hinder meaningful immigration reform,” before praising counties including Canada and Germany for relaxing its immigration restrictions.

“And now that one credit rating agency is predicting a “1990-style” recession in the US, it’s worth recalling not just the role of immigration in the economic revival that was getting underway in New York City in that year – but also its role in bolstering the country’s financial strength for centuries,” concludes the piece.

Natalie Winters