Wisconsin Speaker Vos Removes Rep. Ramthun’s Staff after He Outed Vos for Being Behind Drop Boxes Across the Country in the 2020 Election

On Wednesday Wisconsin House Speaker Robin Vos sent his Chief of Staff Jenny Tofness to Representative Timothy Ramthun‘s office in Madison.

Speaker Vos removed and reassigned ALL of Rep. Timothy Ranthun’s staff to a Republican Representative friendly. We heard from our sources this morning that Vos’s operatives even removed Ramthun’s Chief of Staff who was at home tending to a sick child.

Recently Rep. Ramthun has been on fire, calling out politicians and explaining to his followers and supporters in a number of press releases how the state laws were broken in the 2020 election by the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC).  Ramthun also believes Robin Vos’s election investigation is a sham and is nothing more than a coverup to run out the clock. We will see.

Recently, Rep. Ramthun released a series of press releases leading up to his ultimate plans of introducing a formal resolution to withdraw Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes.

Ramthun also discussed the fact that it was Speaker Vos who was behind the move to insert illegal drop boxes, not just in Wisconsin, but across the country in the 2020 election.

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This did not go over well with Speaker Vos.

House Speaker Vos decided instead to remove and reassign Ramthun’s entire staff and BLOCK his formal resolution.

Activist and YouTuber Marcus Dee broke this news last night in his latest video.

** We reached out to Rep. Ramthun for comment and will update this report as we hear more.

Joe Hoft