Will He Run? These Experts Say “Yes!”

It’s hard to imagine that it’s already been four months since Donald Trump was the president.

Some days it feels like just yesterday, other times it feels like it’s been YEARS.

2020 wasn’t our year…

Somehow, even though we went to bed on November 3rd with Trump leading decisively in many states, we woke up to find him losing thanks to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of votes coming in ONLY for Biden.

We’re not going to point fingers at Michigan, but that was a very strange upswing in votes at 3 am that saw a 180,000-vote dump all for Sleepy Joe.

That alone should have warranted a full investigation into the election.

Yet nobody thought it was important enough to open up an official probe—not even Bill Barr—so many Conservatives and Trump supporters want a “do-over” of that last election.

In the intervening time, Trump has laid low for a bit…though the fact that he’s been deplatformed on social media, preventing him from communicating with America may be the biggest cause of that silence.

Hinting At 2024

However, when Trump finally emerged, it didn’t take too long to hear hints and rumors that he wasn’t done with America yet…

People say he actually has plans to run again in 2024.

However, this hasn’t been confirmed yet, and it probably won’t be until 2023 at the earliest.

However, those rumors are starting to ramp up a little – and there may be a little more behind their credibility than just the scuttlebutt around the hallowed halls of our federal government.

In a recent appearance on “Hannity,” two Trump allies had a LOT to say on that subject. Both Ohio representative Jim Jordan and former White House chief of Staff Mark Meadows predicted that The Donald would throw his hat in the ring in 2024.

Both men were asked by Fox News if they thought Trump would run again…and their answers may surprise you.

“I think he is,” Jordan said. “Every time I speak to him, it — he says that he wants to run. He plans to run, I think, but he hasn’t fully committed that yet. But I certainly hope he does because no president has done more of what he said he would do than President Trump. Best president I think we’ve ever had. Keeping his word, doing what he said, doing what he was elected to do. That’s the kind of individual we need in the White House, and that’s the kind of individual that our adversaries respected because they knew he was putting America’s interests first and standing strong for the principles that matter.”

And Jordan isn’t the ONLY one who feels this way…

Mark Meadows seems to be of the same mind about Trump returning to the White House.

“The American People Will Choose Donald Trump”

“Listen, Sean, when he came down that escalator, the left has been going after him attack after attack after attack, from Russia hoax to impeachment,” Meadows said. “Now, we’re even still seeing it in New York City. Here’s what I will say is, the American people want him to run. I believe he’ll run. And at the end of the day, it’s a time for choosing, and the American people will choose Donald Trump.”

We can only hope they’re right…

And we can only hope that they’re correct in believing the American people will vote for Trump again…

Because if there is one thing that these past four months have proven, it’s that we need him now more than ever.

Here’s hoping he’s listening.


“The worst things in history have happened when people stop thinking for themselves, especially when they allow themselves to be influenced by negative people. That’s what gives rise to dictators. Avoid that at all costs. Stop it first on a personal level, and you will have contributed to world sanity as well as your own.” – Donald Trump


Editor’s Note:

Trump needs to run in 2024… not just so he can finish the job he started in 2016, but because he needs to settle the score with those that did him wrong in 2020. He needs a comeback to show them that America will choose FREEDOM when given the chance—and he needs to rub it in their face. In fact, he’s about to get a little bit of that revenge soon. Something he did right before left office is about to take effect, and it could send Wall Street and DC into a tizzy! See what he did… watch this quick video to see how he just made all the haters crazy and all his supporters jump for joy! See it here…

Shawn Ambrosino