Wicked ADL Pushes Hate in Classrooms — Program on Diversity that Is Taught to 1.4 Million US Kids Includes Language that Only Whites Can Be Racist

What do you call a program that is used to indoctrinate children and push hate?

The Anti-Defamation League was once a leading human rights organization founded in 1913 in response to the escalating climate of antisemitism in the West.

Today the ADL is a far-left hate group whose goal is to smear conservatives, patriotic Americans and white people. This same organization gives a pass to leftist and Islamist hate groups.

Just this weekend the ADL excused Amnesty International in the campaign against the existence of Israel.

In 2021 the ADL labeled President Trump, the most pro-Israel president in history, as antisemitic.

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They washed away Ilhan Omar’s blatant antisemitism and hateful rhetoric against Israel.

The ADL also pushes restrictions on speech and appropriate gender-neutral Halloween costumes.

And now the Anti-Defamation League is teaching children in America that only white kids are racists. They actually changed the definition of racism to target white people.
They’re openly teaching hate to American children!

And they’ve already reached 1.4 million kids.
What a wicked group.

Infowars has more on their “No Place for Hate” program that teach hate to children.

The The Montgomery Advertiser reported on this indoctrination program by the ADL last week.

1,600 US schools are pushing these lies to children.

Jim Hoft