We’re Going To Get To The Bottom Of All Of It – We’re Relentless – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic


“War Room” plays MSNBC analyst Chai Komanduri complains about Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro saying that they were going to run the “Green Bay Sweep” on January 6. As Bannon says, “Suck on i!” Bannon predicted the Democrat election shenanigans when he appeared on “The Circus” in October (clip included), but it turned out that Trump had to also fight his own party and people in his own administration as well as the Democrats when the election was stolen. Unfortunately, Donald Trump has been talked out of giving a press conference on Jan. 6 to talk about the stolen election. Bannon says he should do it anyway.

“Donald J. Trump should walk up tomorrow at Mar-a-Lago. Nobody’s got the facts better than Donald Trump. Nobody can give a press conference better than Donald Trump … If Joni Ernst and Caputo and all the Republicans, if they’re telling you not to do something, do the exact opposite.”




Frank Miele