“We’re Done Wearing Masks” – Brave Students Across Washington State Protest Masks in Schools (VIDEO)

Brave high school students across Washington state protested masks in schools on Wednesday.

The high school students said they were tired of being kicked out of class for refusing to wear a mask.

“We’re done wearing masks,” the students said as they walked out of class and into the parking lot at Washougal High School.


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Students at Washougal High School are holding the line.


Students at Union High School are done with masks too.

“When you speak up for your freedoms, you’re going to be heard. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the parking lot or inside the school,” one of the students said to TPUSA’s Katie Daviscourt.


Students at Hockinson entered their school without their masks and Admin kicked them out.


God bless these kids.

Hat tip: The Post Millennial

Cristina Laila