We Must Bring The National Security State To Heel – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic


Editor Darren Beattie talks to host Steve Bannon about the blockbuster reporting at Revolver.News that reveals the hidden story about the events of Jan. 6. Watch Part 2 for the details of the story about how the Jan. 6 riot was incited by a group of suspicious characters who have NOT been charged with any crime.

“The truth underneath 1/6 is actually not really partisan. It goes deeper than party politics all the way to the core of what our regime is and what the power centers of our regime are — and that is the national security apparatus and the various agencies that interfere with the political process. The broader lesson of 1/6 and really of the past five years is that all of our electoral politics … is going to be fake and performative until we bring the national security state to heel.”

Part 2: Major Entrapment Event And Biggest Scandal In American History


Frank Miele