Virginia Mother Calls Radio Show Crying After Her Maskless Child Was Allegedly Detained In Principal’s Office

A female caller claiming to be a mother of a student in Loudoun County Public Schools called into her local radio station in tears on Monday morning alleging that her son was detained in the principal’s office for not wearing a mask.

Mother Megan Rafalski told WMAL in an interview that parents are barred from entering the building and alleged her son was being held in the principal’s office for refusing to comply with the school’s mask mandate.

“They won’t let my son go to his classroom because he won’t wear a mask because he’s exercising his right. They’re forcing him to sit in the office,” Rafalski told WMAL between tears. “He’s been strong-armed and intimidated by his principal and many others.”

“I’ve tried to call the administrative office. The principal made us stand outside in the freezing cold all morning, since 7:30,” Rafalski said. “All we want is for our kids to be able to go to class with their peers, and have fun, and smile, and learn.” (RELATED: Unvaccinated Students Say Vice Principal Corralled Them Behind Police Tape, School Threatened To Disenroll Them)

She said she did not know what else to do other than to “plead with people out there to speak up.”


The Daily Wire reported that Rafalski’s son was permanently kicked out of his elementary school for refusing to wear a mask.

“My son right now is sitting in the principal’s office. We have a special exception to go to the school we’re at so my son can go to the school with the kids he started with,” Rafalski reportedly said. “They’re now telling me his exception is being rescinded for disciplinary reasons. For a one-time incident.”

Rafalski told WMAL host and Daily Caller editorial director Vince Coglianese that her son has not yet been booted from he school, though she received a letter threatening to revoke her son’s ability to attend school if he continues to attend classes without a mask.

The Daily Caller reached out to Loudoun County Public Schools in an attempt to confirm Rafalski’s story and will update the post as more details are available.

Loudoun County Public Schools is among several school districts in northern Virginia that vowed to defy Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s repeal of in-school mask mandates.

Chrissy Clark