VIDEO: Rand Paul Says Fauci ‘Absolutely’ Committed Perjury When Denying Wuhan Gain-Of-Function Research

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) stated this week that he “absolutely’ believes embattled Biden medical advisor Anthony Fauci perjured himself when testifying about U.S. funding of gain-of-function research in the country of China.

“Senator, you introduced an amendment that would ban the funding of gain of function research in China,” David Brody of Real America’s Voice asked Paul this week. “You’ve also had that vibrant exchange with Dr. Fauci about this a couple of weeks ago, uh, where he told you the NIH has never, does not now, fund gain of function in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, so did Dr. Fauci – do you believe he perjured himself in front of Congress on this issue? If so, why?”

“Absolutely, he lied to the American people,” Paul said. “There was gain of function research going on with this Dr. Shi Zhengli at the Wuhan institute. In her paper, she actually thanks Dr. Fauci and the NIAID, which is a part of NIH that Dr. Fauci runs, it’s listed at the end of the paper. This paper was funded by NIAID research, and it lists a ten digit number that identifies the research money that she got from the United States.”

Paul continued, “Was it gain of function? Well, it took a SARS virus, which is a coronavirus that’s 15 times m ore deadly than COVID, and it added to it S protein, which is something on the surface of it, to make it more easily infectious to human epithelial cells for the respiratory tract. That to me is gain of function, we have at least one scientist from Rutgers and another scientist from MIT who have looked at this paper and said it is gain of function, and [Dr. Shi Zhengli] says she did it with an NIH fund.”

Paul concluded, “Dr. Fauci says no, I think he needs to be quizzed. He goes on these shows and they all yuck it up and laugh about how everybody’s a conspiracy theory, but nobody asks him any tough questions because the left is so enthralled with all his dictates, and he’s sort of become this glorious purveyor of truth for the left, that nobody asks him any tough questions.”

The amendment introduced by Paul to ban all future gain of function research in China was passed by the U.S.  Senate on Wednesday.

Gabriel Keane