Video: Driver Slams into Canadian Trucker Protest, Injuring at Least 3, After Left-Wingers Promised Weekend Counter Demonstrations

At least three people have been injured in Winnipeg, Canada after the driver of a white SUV appeared to deliberately slam into members of the nation’s massive Freedom Convoy, which is being led by truck drivers as they protest the far-left Trudeau regime’s continued COVID lockdowns, plus mask and jab mandates.

The apparent attack came in the middle of the night after left-wingers vowed to spend the weekend countering anti-lockdown demonstrators, with some online encouraging the use of violence. Video footage that captured the moment the apparent attack took place appears to show the yet-to-be-identified driver deliberately swerving the white SUV towards bystanders in an effort to hit as many people as possible. Emergency services responded to the scene, but have yet to issue any statement on the matter.

In subsequent footage recorded by an eyewitness immediately following the suspected left-wing terror attack, a pro-freedom demonstrator puts the blame squarely on the left and says Liberal Party Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is responsible for the militancy of pro-lockdown counter-demonstrators. Trudeau has repeatedly spoken in ill terms of Freedom Convoy members, has attempted to associate COVID vaccine skepticism with racial violence and white supremacy, and has even threatened to turn the nation’s military lose on its own citizens if they don’t end the demonstrations and submit to his COVID lockdown agenda.

“They call us racist, [they say] we’re violent and we’re breaking stuff…look at what’s going on. This is ridiculous! [The driver] clips three people with his vehicle and decides that he’s going to hit another guy full-on, lands on the guy’s foot, and rolls off.”


Video: Driver Slams into Canadian Trucker Protest, Injuring at Least 3, After Left-Wingers Promised Weekend Counter Demonstrations

“Now, this don’t make sense,” the man continues on video. “But now I have a problem with the vaxxed people, I’ll tell you that right now. Some of you vaxxed people, you’re getting really violent just because you watch the news and you listen to Justin Trudeau. F*ck Trudeau! This is some bullsh*t right here!”

Members of Trudeau’s Liberal Party and even so-called Conservatives within Canada’s government have gone to great lengths to shut the demonstrations down, largely to no avail. In Nova Scotia, government officials even made it illegal to provide food or water to convoy members, threatening those who disobey with jail time and hefty fines. Trudeau himself, who remains Prime Minister despite receiving less than 40% of the vote in Canada’s most recent election, went into hiding when the convoy arrived in the nation’s capital of Ottawa, leading to accusations that he’d used a phony COVID excuse to cower in fear of his nation’s own citizens.

The Trudeau government has also worked alongside corporations and financial institutions to crush their opposition, with the crowdsourcing site GoFundMe refusing to distribute donations made to keep the Freedom Convoy warm, fed, and full of fuel.

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