Unvaccinated West Point cadets being punished in hot, overcrowded tent

A group of West Point cadets are being punished for not getting vaccinated against COVID-19 by being forced to live in a crowded tent without the amenities afforded to vaccinated cadets in scorching summer heat.

Parents of some of the 37 unvaccinated cadets at the U.S. Military Academy (USMA) in West Point, New York, have reported that leadership there is essentially torturing these cadets by putting all of them in a single, mixed-gender, mixed-rank tent designed for 20 people throughout their June and July Cadet Field Training program, a summer training requirement that focuses on small-unit tactical operations.

Contrast this with the accommodations given to vaccinated cadets. They are enjoying open-bay barracks, with a separate area for female cadets as well as separate male and female bathrooms. The barracks are also equipped with electricity so cadets can cool off with fans during the sweltering summer temperatures.

Because unvaccinated cadets are being required to wear a mask and vaccinated ones are not, there are questions swirling about ethics. The parents of one cadet who is being forced to live in the punishment tent said that West Point leadership allowing HIPAA privacy violations “goes against the honor of cadets” by marking the unvaccinated with masks, promoting a climate of humiliation and intimidation.

A cadet who wished to remain anonymous told Children’s Health Defense that West Point medical officer Colonel Laura Dawson scolded unvaccinated cadets and called them names like “science deniers” and “grandma killers” instead of accepting their right to refuse experimental drugs. At least two reports were presented to CHD of conduct unbecoming an officer, both of which were initiated by cadets after graduation, presumably out of fear of retaliation.

In one incident, a male cadet suffering from a painful hernia said Dawson refused to treat him because he was unvaccinated, which resulted in him getting the shot so he could get treatment. Another case involved an unvaccinated female cadet who previously had a severe case of COVID-19, which prompted her personal physician to recommend against the jab out of concerns over a possible heart contraindication. This cadet alleged that Dawson threatened to recommend she not be permitted to graduate on the grounds that she was “medically weak”; the cadet sought additional counsel on her rights and ultimately stood firm in her refusal of the vaccine.

People who don’t want the experimental vaccine are being treated like second-class citizens

Unfortunately, this is something we are only going to see more of moving forward. We recently reported on unvaccinated diners in New York City being relegated to unfavorable seats in restaurants, but West Point’s attitude takes this sentiment to even greater heights – and there’s no telling how far this will go elsewhere. Could unvaccinated cadets also be punished by being forced to live in these tents in the winter, for example? What is happening to the unvaccinated in other areas of the military?

So far, just 139 out of 4,000 cadets have not been vaccinated. Herd immunity, therefore, should have been achieved at this 97 percent rate, which greatly exceeds the recommended 60 percent immunity for protecting the elderly and infants. It is unacceptable that West Point’s own medical officers are openly mocking those who are exercising their right not to get an experimental vaccine and refusing them medical treatment because of it. The men and women who are putting their lives on the line for our country deserve so much better than being tortured in hot, overcrowded tents without proper facilities simply because they care about their health.

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