UFC Fighter Wants to Fight Trevor Noah Over Trucker Comments

UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell wants to fight Daily Show host Trevor Noah following the comedian’s disparaging comments on Freedom Convoy truckers. Noah claimed truckers were “bringing the economy to its knees” and claimed the Canadian movement was funded entirely by Americans. In response, the UFC fighter called for a fight with Noah, adding that he would do it for charity and with both hands tied behind his back.

“These truckers are finding a lot of support not just from Canadians but from Republicans in the United States,” Trevor Noah said in reference to the Canadian trucker protests. “Rand Paul, Donald Trump, everyone on Fox News are coming out in support these truckers, which I do find kind of funny. Because all of these people who are cheering on the truckers are like, ‘Yeah, shut it all down, truckers! Bring the economy to its knees!’” Noah continued. “Aren’t those the same people who said we shouldn’t have any COVID restrictions because the last thing we wanted to do is bring an economy down to its knees?”

Noah’s comments did not go over well with Bryce Mitchell, who has frequently used his platform to speak out against COVID lockdowns and associated mandates. In an Instagram video, Mitchell tore into Noah and challenged the alleged comedian to a fight.

“I watched this s**t on Comedy Central the other night and it’s ironic because the s**t wasn’t funny at all, and Noah, Trevor Noah wants to sit there and talk s**t about Canadian truckers who can’t defend themselves,” Mitchell said. “And these guys don’t want to put poison in their bodies and in their children’s bodies. So they’re fed up with all the crap that’s going on.”

The unbeaten featherweight then offered to fight Trevor Noah with both hands tied behind his back. “Trevor Noah, I’ll fight you with my hands behind my back. That’s right, no hands, and I’ll still kick the s**t out of you. And I’ll give all the money to charity,” Mitchell said. “Come on now, don’t be a coward. Take the fight. We’ll give the money to charity and we’ll put on a show and all you got to do is take a good ass kickin’.”


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The Arkansas native has routinely used his platform to criticize mandates, citing economic effects in his home state. In October 2020, Mitchell used his post-fight press conference to call for an end to mask mandates in his state.

In a passionate speech, Mitchell criticized Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson for imposing mask mandates and lockdowns in the state. “We did not vote for none of that,” Mitchell said in reference to COVID restrictions. “There was no vote that said we wanna wear masks, we want our kids in masks, we want our businesses shut down, we want our restaurants at half capacity, we want our gyms at half capacity.”

He then suggested that Hutchinson move to California and called upon the governor to make masks optional.

Bryce Mitchell did not fight in 2021, but he is set to return to the Octagon against longtime top contender Edson Barboza on March 5.

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