Tulsi Gabbard Says ‘Warmongers’ Are Leading America to ‘Nuclear War’

Former US Representative Tulsi Gabbard warned that “warmongers” have betrayed the American people. This is leading America towards the brink of nuclear war with Russia, Gabbard said in a video posted online. The former U.S. Rep. encouraged Americans to “stand up” before it is”too late.”

Tulsi Gabbard, a war veteran herself who served as Democrat Congresswoman from Hawaii before opting to leave D.C. and stand against the new world order, has been a strong voice against escalating the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, warning of nuclear consequences. That, combined with her vocal opposition to the D.C. establishment, has resulted in Gabbard being targeted by big tech censors and the globalist uni-party while further earning the respect of the American people.

Advising Americans to push back against those in government hoping to spark a “reset” enabling global catastrophe, Gabbard warned on video that “the warmongers have set us on a path to nuclear war with Russia.” Gabbard harkened back to a few years ago when Hawaiians received a false alarm indicating they were about to be the victims of a nuclear strike only to quickly find out that they’d been hung out to dry by their own government, who had virtually no infrastructure in place to protect the American people from such an attack.

“When the nukes start flying, you’ll get an alert like the one that the people of Hawaii got on our phones four years ago. They told us then we had just 20 minutes to find shelter, but they didn’t provide any,” she said. Gabbard then reminded viewers of the horrifying truth and included video clips of desperate families lowering their children into manholes, believing they only had minutes to spare.

“There was no shelter!” said Gabbard, providing the ultimate proof that America’s leaders have failed and betrayed their own people in the worst ways, and now sit on the edge of inviting war with a nuclear-armed power – a war that would actually reach the United States of America.

“When the Russian nukes are incoming and leaders tell us to ‘seek shelter immediately,’ you will realize how our leaders have failed and betrayed you and your loved ones. We must stand together and stand up against these warmongers before it’s too late.”

Check out Tulsi Gabbard’s full video below:

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Frankie Stockes