Tulsi Gabbard Explains Big Tech Censorship After Twitter Shadow Ban

Former Congresswoman and frequent target of far-left censors, Tulsi Gabbard, used her own Twitter account to illustrate big tech censorship to her followers firsthand. Gabbard demonstrated the effects of Twitter’s infamous “shadow ban” in a video she shared online.

Despite formerly being elected to Congress as a Democrat and even seeking the DNC’s 2020 nomination for President, Tulsi Gabbard has been a frequent target of the political establishment and of big tech censors. Gabbard’s pro-freedom and anti-war stances (she has been to war herself) have often put her at odds with the geopolitical elite, and she has even been accused of being a Russian asset by the likes of Hillary Clinton and other’s often associated with the deep state, a claim then echoed by corporate media and, by extension, big tech. 

Like many others at odds with the uni-party elite have reported, Tulsi Gabbard says she has been shadow banned by Twitter. By web definition, shadow banning entails “blocking or  partially blocking a user or their content from some areas of an online community,” a practice which the censors at Twitter appear to have perfected.

Gabbard explained Twitter’s shadow ban to her followers in a video posted to the platform, even including screen grabs showing that her account has been removed from search results. At another point, a warning label appeared when trying to communicate with Gabbard’s shadow banned account, accusing her of spreading false information.

The situation has been the same for Gabbard on the platform of Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, and she says that her posts across big tech platforms have been heavily throttled, resulting in much less interaction and views.

Gabbard went on to slam members of Congress, who she says are in the pocket of big tech. Gabbard told viewers that things won’t change until America’s so-called leadership does.

“You’ll hear politicians railing against, you know, the power of big tech monopolies and [saying] ‘somethings got to be done!’ Well, Congress hasn’t done anything yet and big tech money is the reason why,” Gabbard said. “So as long as we have these cowardly leaders in place, I don’t anticipate any real change.”

See the full video below:

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Frankie Stockes