Trump Leads Biden by 10 in Nevada After Losing the State in 2020

Former President Trump leads Joe Biden by 10 points in a hypothetical 2024 presidential election match-up in Nevada, according to a new poll. According to official tallies, Trump lost the state in 2020 and 2016.

Democratic Presidential candidates have carried Nevada in every election since 2008 when Barrack Obama flipped the state blue. Prior to that, the state had gone for George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004.

The state could soon flip back red, however, according to a new Blueprint Polling survey that was published last Friday. According to Blueprint, 44.1% of likely voters back Trump while Biden is polling at just 34.2%. An additional 9.3% said they would cast ballots for a third-party contender while 12.3% were undecided, leaving significant room for a sizable shake up by 2024.

Among Hispanic voters, Blueprint’s poll has Trump leading by 19 percentage points, while the former president commands a 10-point lead among white voters. Biden’s support among African Americans clocked in at 67.3% with 6.4% undecided.

As for the Nevada Senate race, Blueprint’s poll has incumbent Democrat Cortez Masto trailing potential opponent Adam Laxalt by five percentage points. The potential GOP challenger underperforms Trump in numerous demographics, however. Among Hispanic voters, Cortez Masto and Laxalt are tied, though 23% are undecided. Cortez Masto polled significantly better among undecided voters in the presidential race, leading that demographic by 13 percentage points.

In 2020, Biden officially carried the state with 50.1% of the vote while Trump came up short with 47.7%. The margin was much closer in the 2016 election, where Clinton narrowly carried the state with 47.7% of the vote to Trump’s 45.5%.

Blueprint’s Nevada poll is yet another favorable indicator for a potential Trump candidacy in 2024. Another recent poll conducted by Emerson College claims that Trump is making massive gains on Biden in the suburbs after losing that demographic in 2020. After Biden garnered 54% of the vote from suburban voters in 2020, Emerson now has Trump leading by nine percentage points.

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Cullen McCue