The War On The Unvaccinated Is About To Commence – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

As the world waits with bated breath for the latest Covid pronouncement of Old Joe Biden on the Winter Solstice, Steve Bannon prepares the “War Room” audience for the worst: the war on the unvaccinated! Tghis segment begins with a montage of clips showing how the mainstream media is sowing panic about omicron, and then Bannon comes in strong.

“It’s complete and total panic, and they’re totally unprepared. Kamala Harris told us: We didn’t see this coming. … This is the administrative state in high dudgeon. They’re so inefficient, they’re so corrupt, they’re so incompetent … herd immunity can be upon us if you don’t get in the way of it with a ‘ridonculous’ blunt-force instrument which is mass vaccination. Mass vaccinations have never solved anything in world history…. The war on the unvaccinated is about to commence.”.

Part 2: Bannon Obliterates Whiny Jim Cramer For His Demonism


Frank Miele