The Valley of Decision – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

Steve Bannon welcomes the new year with a special edition about what is at stake for the MAGA movement and all of America. The first segment begins with clips from a video explaining “The Fourth Turning,” how the cycle of history always leads to a period of crisis and renewal. Then Bannon ties the theory to the current political climate. In Part 2, Steve and Maureen Bannon explain her new expanded role int he “War Room” int he coming year.

“2022 is the valley of decision. This is a very fundamental, I think one of the most if not the most important year in modern American history. … As we said, 2021 was MAGA’s greatest year, that you, this audience stepped into the breach and really was the vanguard of how we led ourselves back here on the precipice of what could be a massive political victory, should be a massive political victory if we don’t let the establishment Republicans throw it away. And in Part 3, Steve talks about the financial crisis that is bound to occur under the Biden Regime.

Part 1: The Four Turnings And What Comes Next

Part 2: The Force Of Human Agency

Part 3: Bannon: We’re Heading Into A Firestorm

Frank Miele