‘The People’s Convoy’ Draws Thousands Near Indianapolis As It Barrels Toward Biden’s Doorstep

Thousands of people from all across the United States gathered in Monrovia, Indiana, on March 2 to show support of ‘The People’s Convoy,’ which consists largely of truckers who were inspired by the anti-mandate protests in Canada.

The major U.S. convoys were organized by 30 individuals, with the most well-known convoy starting in Adelanto Stadium, California, on Feb. 23.

Anthony Cabassa, a journalist from El American, interviewed one of the organizers, Brian Brase, on Feb 28. Brase said that “almost all of [the convoys] are joining us along the route” as they travel toward Washington, D.C.

The following flyer was released promoting an event the night of March 2nd in the area:

The convoy consisted not only of truckers but thousands of people from different backgrounds. The event that night saw key speakers, including some of the organizers, talk to the crowd thanking their attendance and support for their cause.

The night concluded with people outside bringing out a massive flag. truckers honking their horns, and fireworks being set off.

The convoy is set to arrive in the Washington, D.C., area on March 5. Information about the convoy can be seen on their website.

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Juan Mendoza Diaz