The Next Hyper-Connected Experience for All” — Samsung (2020) – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

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The notion of “smart cities” unnerves a lot of people, and for good reason. A smart city has cameras around every corner and digital sensors embedded in pretty much everything, from your car to your sink faucet.

This interconnected network—linked through the ghoulish Internet of Things—requires massive data flow from device to device. 5G networks are needed to glue any digital termite colony together. Even now, across Asia and elsewhere, plans are being laid for the 6G revolution.

In this Samsung white paper, we witness milestones in the life of a blonde South Korean digital native—from primitive 4G to modern 5G to ultra-smart 6G.

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As a wee babe in 2010, she became dependent on her glowing smartphone.

By 2020, she’s an independent woman whose physical being is monitored by wearable devices. Through earbuds, her consciousness is tuned by sensory augmentation. Even her fridge is smart enough to keep tabs on her. Nothing is private, nothing is sacred, but everything—down to her pretty little toes—is smart.

By 2030, her whole consciousness will be shaped by 6G-powered augmented reality. Indoors, bug-eyed robots will ogle her from her nightstand. Outside, drones will watch her from the sky. Over time, she’ll effectively fuse with The Machine. She won’t just be smart—she’ll be super 6G smart.

But it’ll take a sprawling 6G wireless infrastructure to build her humming smart city and cozy smart home:

[T]oday’s exponential growth of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and automation will usher in unprecedented paradigm shifts in the wireless communication.

These circumstances lead to four major megatrends advancing toward 6G: connected machines, use of AI for the wireless communication, openness of mobile communications, and increased contribution for achieving social goals.

Part of this “connectedness” and “openness” is having every element of your life recorded and replicated in virtual space. Using that information, corporations and governments can construct a virtual model of your entire being, inside and out. They can anticipate your wants and behaviors, and provide just the right stimulus to keep you in line.

On a broad scale, they can do the same with every person, device, robot, and squirrel within reach of their sensors. These “digital twins” can then be studied and manipulated in virtual space—soul clones to be played with like dolls:

Digital Replica

With the help of advanced sensors, AI, and communication technologies, it will be possible to replicate physical entities, including people, devices, objects, systems, and even places, in a virtual world. This digital replica of a physical entity is called a digital twin. In a 6G environment, through digital twins, users will be able to explore and monitor the reality in a virtual world, without temporal or spatial constraints. Users will be able to observe changes or detect problems remotely through the representation offered by digital twins.

In order to realize advanced multimedia services such as truly immersive XR, mobile hologram, and digital replica, 6G needs to provide a much higher data rate than 5G.

Come the revolution, augmented humans will live in a technocratic paradise. We’ll be like wingless eusocial angels, crawling around our 6G-powered termite mound.

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From: “BEYOND THE GREAT RESET – 10 Official Documents On Human-Machine Hybrids”



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