Tennessee husband reportedly saves wife by choking out attacking kangaroo

In a bizarre story out of Middle Tennessee, a number of kangaroos escaped from an exotic wildlife refuge in Middle Tennessee and reportedly attacked a married couple who were attempting to herd it back into its enclosure, forcing the husband to take swift and deadly action against one of the animals.

According to WSMV-TV, Sumner County police are investigating the incident, which apparently began when an unknown number of kangaroos escaped their enclosure in what was described as an “exotic animal collection” in White House, Tennessee. According to iHeart radio news, a married couple that lived near the area spotted the loose animals and were attempting to coax them back into their enclosure when the attack occurred.

Although kangaroos may appear cute and friendly, and although they do not usually attack humans, when they do, they are extremely dangerous. A single kick from a kangaroo’s hind legs can be lethal. Wildlife experts note that tamed kangaroos can be particularly dangerous when hungry, because they lose the natural timidity that would otherwise cause a kangaroos to instinctively flee from human contact.

During the course of attempting to herd the kangaroos back to their enclosure, one of the kangaroos apparently became hostile and attacked the couple, whereupon the husband reportedly sprang into action, placing the kangaroo in a chokehold to prevent it from further attacking his wife. According to reports, he held the animal in the chokehold until it was deceased.

The remaining kangaroos were safely herded back into their enclosure. Although both the man and the woman involved were injured and scratched in the incident, they refused transport to a local hospital, according to police.

Leon Wolf