Starbucks Employee Spits in Conservative Student’s Drink

A Starbucks employee claims to have spit in a prominent conservative student leader’s coffee in Denton, Texas. University of North Texas (UNT) student and former YCT (Young Conservatives of Texas) President, Kelly Neidert, found the post on Yik Yak, an anonymous Twitter-style social network popular on college campuses.

UNT is the same campus where dozens of far-left activists shut down a speaking event featuring Texas State House Candidate Jeff Younger earlier this month. Younger gained widespread recognition following a lengthy custody battle over his son James, where Younger’s ex-wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas, diagnosed their son with “gender-dysphoria,” which is a psychological disorder characterized by a child’s “consistent and insistent” expression of “cross-gender statements and behaviors.”

A jury said Dr. Georgulas had the right to “transition” her son, who she has reportedly renamed “Luna.” Younger eventually lost custody of his son last August.

Kelly Neidert played a big part in organizing the event for Younger, which was hijacked and ruined by dozens of far-left agitators. The extremists pounded on tables and shouted “**ck you fascist” until Younger and the event organizers were forced to leave. The group was later attacked by more far-left extremists as they exited the event.

Police ultimately had to hide the 22-year-old in a janitor’s closet due to the mob’s threats. Neidert said she had already coordinated with police prior to the event because she had been receiving “death threats and threats of violence” at school prior to the event.


Starbucks Employee Claims to Have Spit in a Conservative Student’s Coffee

A little over a week after the event, Neidert discovered a Yik Yak post in which a Starbucks employee claims to have spit in her drink. “Kelly from the right came to my Starbucks this morning and she got a BIG spit in her drink,” reads the post. “Starbucks employees spit in my drink because they knew I’m conservative! Conservative Twitter, do your thing,” the UNT student leader wrote in response.

According to Neidert, the incident took place at Starbucks Store #11149, which can be reached at 1-940-382-0242. The Starbucks location did not respond to National File’s request for comment.

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