Similarities Of First Christmas To Today – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic


Author John Zmirak talks to host Steve Bannon about the parallels between the first Christmas and the circumstances we find ourselves in today.

“I think we’re kind of in a crossroads. We’re also in a very special place more than our parents’ generation. We can appreciate a little bit what the first Christmas was like. Think of people living in what had been a republic, but had degenerated into an empire that was being ruled by a corrupt and senile emperor, Tiberius; where people were unsure about their political future;  unsure about their basic rights; and here comes this explosion of grace. From the Jewish nation, a minor province in the outlying area of the empire, comes this presence that wise men from the east are drawn to worship, that the ordinary working people, the shepherds, come to worship. This event more than anything else in the history of the West has taught us to believe that the individual life of every human being is sacred … because they are an image of God become man.”


Frank Miele