Satire Site ‘Babylon Bee’ Suspended, Perhaps Banned from Twitter

The extremely popular satire site The Babylon Bee was suspended Sunday from Twitter by engaging in what the social media giant said was “hateful conduct.”

The tweet that caused Twitter to get triggered announced The Bee’s ‘Man of the Year’.

Twitter informed the Bee’s CEO Seth Dillon that the site’s account would be restored 12 hours after they deleted the above-mentioned tweet, but Dillon wasn’t having any of it.

“If the cost of telling the truth is the loss of our Twitter account, then so be it,” was Dillon’s reply to Twitter and as the microblogging giant has become more hostile to conservative media since former CEO Jack Dempsey was pushed out, it is quite possible that the Bee will be on Twitter no more.

If you’re a fan of the Bee, as CDN certainly is, make sure to sign-up for their newsletter to get their latest posts in your inbox or at least check the website regularly. CDN asked what social media platform they may migrate to next should a ban be enacted, but had not heard back by the time this article was published. It will be updated if we get a response.

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R. Mitchell