Rudy Giuliani: NY DA Trying to ‘Pin Crime’ on Trump, This is ‘What Happens in a Dictatorship’

Mayor Rudy Giuliani blasted New York for trying “pin a crime” on President Donald Trump, on War Room, Wednesday.

“The AG of the state ran on the unusual platform of, ‘I’m gonna get Trump,’” Giuliani said. “And the DA works very closely with her. This is a vendetta. It should be illegal, if it isn’t illegal for a prosecutor to conduct a witch hunt investigation to try to find a crime on you.”

“‘I’m going to look at his whole life and see if I can pin a crime on him,’ that’s what they’re doing to Donald Trump,” he said.

“We investigate crimes that lead to people, we don’t just investigate people,” Giuliani added. “That happens in a dictatorship, and don’t tell me we’re not headed in that direction. We’re headed in the direction of a socialist dictatorship.”

The FBI illegally raided Giuliani’s apartment last month, and the DOJ illegally spied on him while he was President Trump’s attorney, during the first impeachment.