Rob Reiner says voting for GOP is ‘vote to destroy democracy’

Rob Reiner issued a tweet on Thursday in which he declared that voting for Republican politicians amounts to a vote for the destruction of democracy.

“It couldn’t be more simple. A vote for Republicans is a vote to destroy Democracy,” Reiner tweeted.

Richard Grenell responded to the post by calling Reiner “an intolerant meathead,” a jab that appears to be a reference to Reiner’s role on the television series “All In the Family.”

Earlier this month, Reiner tweeted that, “It’s long past time that we acknowledge the sure handed, effective, grace under fire, success of Joe Biden’s Presidency.” While he posted the tweet on April Fools’ Day, given Reiner’s outspoken liberal leanings, the tweet was not meant to be a joke.

“It’s simple. There is only one reason the 11 Republicans on Judiciary Committee voted against Judge Jackson. They’re racists,” Reiner also tweeted this month.

Reiner is certainly not alone in posting strident and inflammatory remarks about people on the other side of the political aisle.

Roland Martin tweeted on Thursday that “Donald Trump is the devil. His #MAGA supporters are in a cult. And the @GOP folks who stand with him are traitors to America. They have no morals, values or principles. ALL of them must be defeated. ALL. OF. THEM.”

Earlier this week, Martin announced that he was wearing two masks on a flight.

“I don’t give a damn what some grossly unqualified Donald Trump judge said, I’m double masked and wearing goggles on this Nashville to DC flight. I had COVID in December. Y’all can KISS MY ASS about me not wanting it again. And any fool saying they don’t matter is a damn liar,” Martin tweeted on Tuesday.

On Thursday he declared: “To all of you nutcase conservatives who have been on my TL for the last three days, I said on Monday y’all can kiss my ass when it comes to wearing a mask when flying. Ain’t nothing changed, even with the #MAGA idiots posting. Y’all mean NOTHING to me. Not. One. Damn. Thing.”

Alex Nitzberg