REVIEW: ‘Yellowstone’ Is Outstanding With ‘No Such Thing As Fair’

“Yellowstone” was awesome Sunday night with “No Such Thing as Fair.”


Coming into the ninth episode of season four, we knew things were likely going to be wild, and it didn’t disappoint at all. (REVIEW: ‘Yellowstone’ Is Amazing With ‘No Kindness For The Coward’)

All season, we’ve waited for John and Garrett toe-to-toe after the latter orchestrated the attack against the Duttons.

Well, it happened, and it’s clear John has no regrets about sending Garrett to prison for several decades, and when he left the diner, his comment about your last meal is foreshadowing if I’ve ever seen it.

As for Summer Higgins, it’s been fun to watch John and this young hippie, who he did engage in sexual relations with, form an unlikely bond.

After Beth put her up to the little stunt to draw attention, she’s facing life behind bars, and John Dutton can be her hero.

It’s also clear that John is absolutely furious with his daughter for not including him in her little scheme. Once again, John Dutton is not someone you want to upset.

It was also heartbreaking to hear him say he was disappointed in his only daughter. In all of the “Yellowstone” we’ve seen, we never saw that coming.

John telling his daughter it might be time to go is about as unexpected of a twist as you’ll ever see.

It’s also been fascinating watching Kayce embrace more and more Native American culture, and I’m interested to see where these wolf sightings lead us.

Clearly, they mean something, and it’s clear Kayce represents the protective attitude and aggression we see in wolves.

I’m just not sure I fully understand what’s on the horizon with the storyline. Whatever it is, it better be big given the time we’ve invested! With him alone in the wilderness, I like our chances of getting something huge!

Jimmy’s 6666 storyline has also been a blast. In case you didn’t already guess, he and the young cowgirl have hit it off in a huge way and it’s safe to say his old woman is history.

Mia ran her course, and it was time for that to end. Although, his line about being liked for what he is now instead of his potential was a bit strange. Don’t sell yourself short, Jimmy!

Of course, all that hope and optimism I just spoke about was all right before Travis let Jimmy know that he’s headed back to the Yellowstone ASAP. Not even new and young love can last long! Once again, Jimmy takes it in the shorts.

She says she’ll wait for Jimmy, and I hope she does because this is one of the rare love storylines I’d actually like to see succeed.

It’s been an entertaining season, and it’s now time to find out how it all ends next Sunday. I can’t wait to catch the season four finale!

David Hookstead