REPORT: Tom Brady Is Expected To Retire

It sounds like Tom Brady’s time in the NFL is coming to an end.

There has been a ton of speculation about Brady’s future after the Buccaneers lost to the Rams in the playoffs, and it sounds like the seven-time Super Bowl champion will hang up his cleats. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

According to CBS Sports reporter Jason La Canfora, the belief among those close to the star quarterback believe his retirement is imminent and an official announcement could come in a few days.

You can watch the massive report from CBS Sports below.

If this really is the end of the road for Tom Brady, then he will ride off into the sunset as the most successful player in league history.

He won seven Super Bowls and dominated at the highest level of football for more than two decades. What more do you really need to say?

Part of me also wonders if this was always Brady’s plan, but he just didn’t say anything because he didn’t want a ton of attention and a going away tour.

If that’s the case, it’d be one of the most badass things ever. Most athletes are addicted to attention, and if Brady always knew he was going to retire and said nothing, I would respect the hell out of him.

Keep checking back for the latest updates as we have them, but it sounds like we should all start mentally preparing for Brady to ride off into the sunset.

David Hookstead