Pro-Trans Republican Jen Kiggans Voted YES on Polyamorous Marriage Bill

Pro-trans Republican Jen Kiggans recently voted with Democrats to rewrite Virginia’s state constitution and legalize polyamorous marriages between three or more parties. Kiggans, who is running an establishment-backed campaign for Congress in Virginia’s 2nd District, has a long history of voting for the left’s radical LGBT agenda, including opening girls’ restrooms up to men.

Like SB-868, also known as the Virginia Values Act, which Kiggans voted for to open girls’ restrooms up to men, SJ-5 re-writes Virginia law in the image of the far-left LGBT lobby, legalizing polyamorous marriage in the process. SJ-5 is actually a proposed constitutional amendment that would dissolve Virginia’s current constitutional definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman, and instead, make marriage a “fundamental right” available to all parties in all situations without limitation. Legislators deliberately kept provisions barring polyamorous marriage out of the legislation, and the proposal mentions nothing in regard to age or even blood relations between marriage parties.

The Family Foundation of Virginia has warned that SJ-5 would not only legalize polyamorous marriages between more than two parties but would even legalize incestuous marriages and child marriages, like those that are forced under Islam, because of the lack of safeguards included in the bill. This was confirmed to National File by Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb, who came out in staunch opposition to SJ-5.

Fortunately for Virginians, to alter the state’s constitution, the bill has to pass through both chambers of the legislature twice, before going to the ballot for a statewide referendum. Democrats had reportedly hoped to frame SJ-5 as a gay wedge issue to drive liberal voters to the polls for them. Their plans were ultimately foiled by the GOP-controlled House of Delegates, which killed SJ-5 before it could make it out of Richmond, despite the best efforts of Jen Kiggans, who once again sided in the State Senate with the radical left and against her own constituents on a key social issue.

Throughout her GOP primary campaign, Kiggans, who is backed by Kevin McCarthy and refuses to support a 2024 campaign by 45th President Trump, has been dogged by her left-wing voting record, especially on LGBT and other gender-related issues. Her front-running primary race opponent, Jarome Bell, is running a grassroots, America First campaign that stands in stark contrast to her own. Bell has been endorsed by the likes of General Flynn and several Freedom Caucus members.


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Bell hasn’t hesitated to blow the whistle on Kiggans’ history as a left-winger, especially regarding her vote for SB-868, which opened girls’ restrooms up to men and was cited by the Virginia Department of Education in forcing schools to adopt “trans-affirming” policies, like the ones that got multiple Loudoun County schoolgirls raped by a serial offending male who donned a skirt and said he was “gender-fluid.” In response, Kiggans has flat out lied to voters about SB-868, claiming it was meant to protect members of the LGBT community from employment and housing discrimination and has nothing to do with schools.

Jen Kiggans has even sent out a set of talking points to her supporters, apparently in an effort to re-write the narrative on her left-wing voting record before it is too late. Kiggans claims in the talking points that she is indeed a conservative, despite her many votes in favor of the left’s radical agenda. Kiggans then borrows a term from the LGBT lobby in the set of talking points, referring to herself as an “equality candidate.”

While Kiggans claims in the talking points that the Virginia Values Act “does not affect schools,” that assertion is demonstrably false, as National File has repeatedly reported on the fact that the Virginia Department of Education directly cited the Kiggans-backed legislation in forcing schools to adopt radical “trans-affirming” policies – again, like those in Loudoun County that got multiple children raped.

National File reached out to Kiggans for comment on this story, and for further detail on her support of SJ-5, the Virginia Values Act (SB-868), and other left-wing legislation but received no response.

Kiggans also has been credited with casting the deciding vote on Virginia’s ratification of the so-called Equal Rights Amendment, which would abolish gender-specific bathrooms and forcibly legalize taxpayer-funded abortion on demand were it ever to make it into the United States Constitution. Constitutional scholars and other experts say that the ERA could trigger a constitutional crisis were it to be officially adopted, but Kiggans says that those troubles would be outweighed by the ERA’s “symbolic” value.

Read Jen Kiggans’ “equality candidate” talking points below:



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