POLL: Official Washington Redskins Name Change is Despised by Fans

New polling data shows that fans of DC’s NFL football team despise the new Washington Commanders moniker taken up by the club after they “retired” their former name of Washington Redskins, caving to pressure from the radical left.

According to a recently released poll that was conducted earlier this month, a 49% plurality of local fans surveyed expressed their disapproval of the new Washington Commanders name, which took the organization nearly two years to develop and unveil only to receive a flat reception. While 11% of those surveyed expressed no opinion on the matter, just 41% said they approve of their team being known as the Washington Commanders.

When the same data is expanded on, it gets even worse for the football team who changed their name against the will of their fans and players, with a whopping 17% of fans saying they “hate” the new Commanders moniker. Meanwhile, only 5% of them say that they “love” it.

The club’s historic fan base has included DC city residents and suburbanites in Maryland and Northern Virginia, but also stretches south to engulf the rest of Virginia and large portions of the Carolinas, where despite the presence of the Panthers since the mid-1990s, legions of fans of the burgundy and gold maintain affection for Washington football.

Throughout the name-change process, Washington’s owner, Dan Snyder, who in the past vowed that he would never change the name of the Redskins no matter what the cost, was criticized for folding to far-left pressure and going back on his promises. Snyder was also blasted for not consulting with his own team’s fans over the change, keeping the process largely under wraps and after a multi-year name-changing process, presenting a stale moniker devoid of any cultural or regional value.


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Even worse, the Commanders’ nickname, and many of their marketing gimmicks including their #TakeCommand social media hashtag, appear to be ripped right from the San Antonio Commanders of the short-lived Alliance of American Football.

The team has also been mocked over their corporate-looking uniforms – which fans have compared to those of an arena league team – and lack of an actual mascot or logo. Players’ helmets will feature the letter “W”, much as they have in recent years while playing as the “Washington Football Team,” and in absence of an actual team logo, the franchise has revealed a “Team Crest” for fans to wear on hats and t-shirts.

Many fans say they’ll continue to sport Washington Redskins gear indefinitely, and never buy into the new politically correct nickname or merchandise.






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