Poll: Majority of Dems would flee the US during invasion

As Ukrainians valiantly fight to defend their nation against a Russian invasion, a Quinnipiac University national poll of U.S. adults asked people whether they would fight or flee if they faced that situation — the poll found that while a whopping 68% Republicans said they would remain and fight, just 40% of Democrats said they would stick around and fight. Among independents, 57% said they would stay and fight.

Just 25% of Republicans and 36% of independents indicated that they would leave the U.S., while 52% of Democrats said they would depart, according to the poll conducted March 4 to March 6.

Overall, 55% of people in the poll said they would remain and fight, while 38% indicated they would depart the country.

A strong majority (71%) indicated that they would back a ban on Russian oil even if such a move would result in higher gas prices in America.

More than half (60%) in the poll thought that Russian President Vladimir Putin is mentally unbalanced, while just 21% thought that the Russian figure is stable mentally.

Russia has been wreaking death and destruction in Ukraine, killing many during the invasion, including civilians.

The Associated Press reported that at The Hague, Netherlands, and Ukraine urged the International Court of Justice to call for a halt of the Russian onslaught.

Russia “is resorting to tactics reminiscent of medieval siege warfare, encircling cities, cutting off escape routes and pounding the civilian population with heavy ordnance,” Jonathan Gimblett of Ukraine’s legal team said, according to the outlet.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute has announced that it is bestowing the Ronald Reagan freedom Award upon Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, “for his courageous fight against tyranny and for his indomitable stance for freedom and democracy.”

Alex Nitzberg