Pentagon set to make all troops take experimental COVID-19 vaccines despite the injuries that are occurring to younger people, giving another advantage to Russia, China

Russia and China are increasing their strategic and military ties as they watch the hapless, weak and mind-addled Joe Biden falter as president of what once was the most powerful and free nation on earth.

The two countries and one-time rivals are holding more military exercises, sharing more advanced technology (especially what they steal from America), perfecting new weapons systems, and hardening their troops.

Meanwhile, just the opposite is happening in the U.S. armed forces.

Thanks to a ‘woke’ defense secretary, Lloyd Austin, and top commanders, America’s forces are losing their fighting edge and combat hardness to politically correct recruiting that includes persons with mental health issues who have been raised as left-wing political activists.

Now, Pentagon masters are going full-throttle to injure as many young troops as possible with a still-experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

CNN reported:

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is expected to seek authorization to make Covid-19 vaccines mandatory for all active duty troops as soon as this week, following President Joe Biden’s directive that the military examine how and when it could make that happen.

Austin’s “inclination is towards making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory” for active duty troops, a defense official told CNN.

“If the Secretary makes that final recommendation, he could seek a presidential waiver to allow the vaccine to be administered to troops before full approval by the Food and Drug Administration,” the network added.

Of course Austin is going to “make that final decision.” That’s been the plan all along: The Biden leftists, Marxists, and Communist sympathizers were always about destroying America from within, as they’ve been doing now for decades. The once-patriotic military was the last institution these Marxists had to conquer. And that’s coming.

In late July, the mind-addled Biden played his role and told reporters that he had asked the Defense Department to “look into how and when” the COVID-19 vaccine will be added to a growing list of mandatory military vaccines. He even said that he was already aware that Austin is “open to it” — which is silly because the Defense secretary serves at the pleasure of the president and commander-in-chief.

Since that announcement, the Joint Chiefs of Staff have been meeting to discuss making the vaccine mandatory and how such a plan might be rolled out. CNN went on to report that, based on sources, Austin’s current view is to “seek authorization to make it mandatory.”

According to a July 6 Justice Department memo, troops won’t have any choice “because DOD has informed us that it understandably does not want to convey inaccurate or confusing information to service members—that is, telling them that they have the ‘option’ to refuse the COVID-19 vaccine if they effectively lack such an option because of a military order—DOD should seek a presidential waiver before it imposes a vaccination requirement.”

And you just know that authorization will be coming.

But here’s the problem with this: Younger people are more at risk of being injured by these experimental vaccines, and naturally, the military trends younger.

In mid-June, Fox News host Tucker Carlson noted during his nightly program that “Israeli health officials released a report showing that vaccinated young people, particularly young men, were developing myocarditis at extremely high rates,” Natural News reported then.

Myocarditis, for those who don’t know, is inflammation of the heart muscle; it’s a condition that can become very serious very fast.

Carlson was reporting those findings in the context that a growing number of American colleges were requiring students to become vaccinated if they wanted to take in-person coursework this coming fall.

“You wonder, watching this, how it could happen in a free country. It’s hard to believe it is happening. As a medical decision, it’s reckless. What are the long-term effects of forcing these drugs on millions of young people, many of whom don’t need it? We don’t know the answer,” Carlson said.

“We don’t know what the long-term effects are. Anyone who claims to know is lying. At this point, there’s literally no way to tell,” he added.

Now, in addition to young college students, young fighting men and women are going to get the jab too.

Sense a pattern here?

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