Pavlovitz says he cannot understand women who vote Republican

John Pavlovitz, a popular Unitarian pastor, has accused Republican women of misogyny and said that he cannot understand women who vote for Republicans.

“Of all the misogynists in the Republican Party, the Republican women are the most infuriating,” tweeted Pavlovitz, the author of “If God is Love, Don’t Be a Jerk,” and other works.

“I can’t fathom the mind of a woman who still votes Republican. I can only feel sorry for whatever story they tell themselves,” he wrote in another tweet.

When conservative women fired back, Pavlovitz dug in, refusing to back down from his position.

“This is exactly what I expect from leftists: misogyny. It’s gross & kinda hilarious since leftists can’t DEFINE woman. Leftists destroy unborn women in the womb. Teach little girls they can be boys. Leftists are erasing women, the ultimate form of sexism, patriarchy, & misogyny,” Liz Wheeler tweeted.

“You’re right: wanting women to have autonomy over their own bodies is misogynistic. Makes sense…” Pavlovitz replied.

Gabriella Hoffman declared, “I like my guns, low taxes, the right-to-life, conservation, sound energy policies, being a non-unionized (and empowered) independent contractor/freelancer, and not supporting socialists. I don’t need pity. Neither do the rest of us females who aren’t Democrats.”

“Keep pretending Republican women respect women,” Pavlovitz replied, sharing the link to an article about women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct.

“Maybe GOP women care about things like the economy, protecting life, the border, school choice, energy independence, and more,” Lauren Chen tweeted. “Or, maybe they just want to vote for someone who can define what a ‘woman’ is.”

“My favorite thing is when white men tell me they feel sorry for me,” Kira Davis tweeted.

Pavlovitz has said that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who President Joe Biden has nominated to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, deserves a place on the bench.

“If anyone is deserving of being on the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson is,” Pavlovitz tweeted.

“Seriously, you can’t align yourself with a serial predator like Donald Trump or with this cadre of shameless misogynists berating Ketanji Brown Jackson and pretend you’re for women. It’s ridiculous,” he declared.

Alex Nitzberg