Patrick Howley & Stew Peters Discuss Bombshell UPenn/BioNtech Documents: ‘This Is Criminal’

On Sunday, National File Senior Reporter Patrick Howley revealed documents that revealed that the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), which hosts and funds Joe Biden’s think tank known as the “Penn Biden Center”, directly profits from the sale of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Coronavirus vaccines. UPenn is also the home of, which colludes with social media giants to regulate speech and ban dissenting voices.

Howley discussed the bombshell revelations with Stew Peters on Tuesday.

“They get milestone payments the more of these Pfizer BioNtech vaccines that get sold,” Howley told Stew Peters. “The more money that floods into the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Pennsylvania General Funds go and finance the Penn Biden Center which is Joe Biden’s think-tank.”

The University of Pennsylvania admitted in December 2020 that the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines both use licensed University of Pennsylvania technology. Joe Biden, who was working for the University of Pennsylvania when the deal was made, received more than $900,000 from the University of Pennsylvania in the two years before he ran for president in 2020.


Patrick Howley & Stew Peters Discuss Bombshell UPenn/BioNtech Documents: ‘This Is Criminal’

“The Penn Biden Center is very similar to the Clinton Foundation. It’s one of these outside groups where Biden Administration people go in and out,” Howley told Peters. He pointed out that Anthony Blinken — Biden’s current Secretary of State — previously served as managing director of the Penn Biden Center. “Between 2017 and 2019, Joe Biden’s job essentially was working for the University of Pennsylvania,” Howley continued.

It was during this time that UPenn signed a licensing agreement with BioNtech. “What happens is…. they get milestone payments. The more of these Pfizer-BioNtech vaccines that get sold, the more money that floods into the University of Pennsylvania. And the University of Pennsylvania general funds go and fund the Penn Biden center.”

According to the documents, UPenn receives a milestone payment every time the FDA approves a vaccine. “Now, they already knew that they sent a kid to the emergency room in one of the clinical trials the last time around,” Howley told Stew. “But they approved it for kids as young as five-years-old.”

“The only purveyors mis-and-disinformation are those that stand behind the presidential pulpit,” Stew told Howley. “People like Jen Psaki and Joe Biden; those are the dangerous purveyors of deadly mis-and-disinformation, and they are the ones that are really domestic terrorists and should be put on a watch list.”

“This is criminal!” Peters continued. “Will this ever be investigated – who can investigate this, if not the feds?”

You can watch the full episode here.

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