Oklahoma Senator Vows to Keep Fighting Biden’s Vaccine Mandates, ‘We Make Our Own Free Choices’

Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford is vowing to continue fighting against the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates.

During an appearance on Newsmax, Sen. Lankford asserted that Americans “make our own free choices.”

Newsmax host Steve Cortes, who served as an adviser to former President Donald Trump, left the network last month after it was reported that they would be implementing a vaccine mandate for their hosts.

Following his appearance, Sen. Lankford tweeted a clip from the interview and wrote, “I’m going to keep fighting back against Biden’s vaccine mandates to allow Americans to make their own choice concerning the vaccine.”

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“We’re Americans—that’s what we do. We make our own free choices,” he added.

During the interview, Sen. Lankford said he believes they have the votes to block vaccine mandates for large employers.

“Obviously the courts have caught up on us, and the courts have blocked the mandates on the private sector for federal contractors and for those in hospital areas. We just passed a statement that myself and Mike Braun and several others worked very, very hard on in the Senate to be able to block this vaccine mandate that now heads over to the House,” he said. “We think there are enough votes in the House to be able to block it as well. We’re going to find every single leverage point that we can to allow Americans to be able to choose because we’re Americans. That’s what we do. We make our own free choices.”

Sen. Lankford also spoke against mandates during a floor speech earlier this month, the Daily Wire noted.

“May I remind Biden—we are the United States of America. We are a people that make our own decisions & live in a free nation,” he said.

Cassandra Fairbanks