Now is the time for a strong social conservatism – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

President Biden’s recent interview with transexual TikToker Dylan Mulvaney is a clarifying event for anyone who pays attention to America’s culture wars. The first notable aspect of the interview was the mere fact that it happened — that the president of the United States, in the home stretch of a midterm election season, deemed it a prudent use of his time to sit down with such a radical activist. The second notable aspect of the interview is what our senile commander-in-chief said in the course of his conversation.

At one point, Mulvaney asked our hapless supremo if he thinks states should be permitted to “ban gender-affirming health care.” (NB: “banning gender-affirming healthcare” is Newspeak for “protecting innocents from the delusional, Hippocratic Oath-violative predations of those who seek to chemically castrate or hormonally pervert others.”) Biden’s extremely telling answer: “I don’t think any state or anybody should have the right to do that — as a moral question and as a legal question. I just think it’s wrong.”

Translation: John has a “natural” right to chop off his sexual appendage if he wakes up one day thinking he is Jane, and Sally has a constitutional right to chop off her perfectly healthy bosoms if she arises one morning convinced she is Samuel. The states do not have the “right” as sovereign actors in America’s constitutional order to ban these “surgeries,” as both a “moral” matter and a “legal” matter. In this sense, the woke would have us believe that “gender-affirming care” is the next same-sex “marriage” — too pressing a “civil right” to be left to the democratic whims of the benighted citizenry. So much for “our democracy,” whose state Democrats invariably bewail when the topic turns to the January 6 jamboree.

In articulating his view that the “moral” (read: immoral) imperative to chemically castrate and hormonally bastardize vulnerable Americans is so great as to require removal of the issue from the realm of democratic politics, Biden paid faithful homage to the tenets of the woke catechism. If cultic wokeism is to be our new public orthodoxy, as the progressive faithful wish, then certain things must be legally mandated and certain things must necessarily be proscribed. Biden was only being candid with Mulvaney — his rejection of the foundational liberal paradigm of values-neutrality is emphatic and explicit.

Such a mask-off moment should galvanize the right to drop its nostrums and bromides about “live and let live.”