New Year’s Delerium

by R. Mitchell –

Confusing, shocking, exciting, depressing… yeah, the number of 2022 New Year Posts are actually outright overwhelming.

Personally, I took a few steps back. This year I lost my baby sister, my stepmother decided to divorce my father because the COVID thing has hurt his earning potential in a big way, and my business struggled a bit under social media censorship, COVID revenue impacts and general 2021 sucking kinda’ things.

Instead of focusing on the terrible, which is precisely what TV/Cable news wants you to fixate upon, I turned to family.

I took my family out, despite the mandates and scaredome. We did an escape room (first time for us), ate out, did some mountain biking and hiking. I just decided to ignore the fauci-facism. He’s just enriching himself and I didn’t need to play a part.

I wish I could show pictures, but … the internet. Journos will go after the spouses and kids of anyone who disagrees with them and I can’t have that. My wife and kids may or may not agree with my protests, but that’s not my decision to make.

It’s tiring to see the “here’s what to expect” or “top trends in 2022” or “worst things to come in.,..” posts. I didn’t read them.

I think our editors posted one-or-two. OK. Some of our readers may appreciate those insights. I chose to focus inward after everything my family endured this year.

We went to church, had dinner together, talked about stuff that mattered to us, and stayed away from the media mindset.

It was a needed and appreciated break, but tomorrow is Monday and ….

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R. Mitchell