Navarro Spars With MSNBC Host Over Jan.6 – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic


Trump adviser Peter Navarro takes gentle criticism from host Steve Bannon for not being forceful enough on Ari Melber’s show, but the truth is that Navarro made the MSNBC host listen to the facts about November 6 and January 6 in a way few others could do. This segment opens with clips from Melber’s show, and then features Bannon and Navarro analyzing what happened. Navarro dismissed Melber’s claim the Trump effort to contest the election was a “coup.”

“I totally reject many of your premises there. First of all, the election was still in doubt and would be until it was certified. Second, the idea that secretaries of state, particularly in Michigan and Pennsylvania, were, like, innocent parties, I mean, Jocelyn Benson and Kathy Boockvar, the secretaries of state in Michigan and Pennsylvania — they were put in power by George Soros for the express purpose of shifting the playing field to the Democrats. They were found in both states to have broken the law. The point here is, Ari, is that we were following the Constitution and rules of the Senate to simply get a recount of what the votes were. And we were looking for these battleground states to basically review whether there were any irregularities. That’s by the book. That’s by the book.”


Frank Miele