Mike Lindell Reveals Terrified ‘Cowards’ Kemp and Ducey Kicked Him Out of RGA Dinner, Then Lied About It

Mike Lindell reveals what happened at the Republican Governors Association (RGA) dinner, and says “cowards” Doug Ducey and Brian Kemp had him kicked out.

Lindell was invited to attend the dinner Tuesday evening in Nashville, where he was going to confront the two governors for why they blocked airing of the evidence of voter fraud in their states.

“I was invited there specifically for the dinner, with the Governors at the governor’s mansion in Tennessee,” he said. 

“I came downstairs at 5:30 to get my credentials,” Lindell explained. He was given his VIP pass to the governor’s roundtable and dinner, by a worker.

“About two minutes later he says, ‘I’ve got some bad news. well you’re uninvited.’”

“I go what, why?” Lindell said.

“He said it has something to do with Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey,” he said.

Lindell said he told the worker to tell Kemp and Ducey, “I’m going to have them all over the news. Not just for the horrific stuff they’ve done to our country, but now they trying to even suppress our voices even more.” 

“They were afraid I was going to call them out on the stuff that they’ve done to stop the election fraud, to hide it,” he said.

Lindell says the RGA, which is chaired by Ducey, lied to Politico when they claimed Lindell wasn’t invited to the dinner. And he’s got the badge to prove it.

“The RGA, Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey, who’s the chairman, should be ashamed of themselves for what they’ve done,” Lindell said.

“If they’re that afraid to talk to me, you think they can talk to a Democrat?” he said. “How can they have any kind of courage? They’re cowards, both of them are cowards. Either that or they’re hiding something that’s so beyond anything we can imagine.”

Lindell said Kemp and Ducey “need to come clean” about the election, and he is working on an investigation to figure out why they blocked election audits.

“When you have a deviation of Republican governors obstructing audits, that’s a deviation,” he said. “That’s not normal so we need to find out  why.” 

“I guarantee I’ll have that report by next week,” Lindell said.