Maybe 2022 should be the year we turn over decision-making to the AI – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

It sounds like a slightly weird idea, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t turn up some weird results.

“Change my name to one of my favorite shapes,” it suggests, or “Every Friday for a year I will wear a different hat.” And, “Every time I hear bells for a month, I will paint a potato.”

Designed by AI researcher-writer Janelle Shane, the generator’s odd results are deliberate; she purposely trained the AI (the powerful GPT-3) with some of the wackier resolutions humans have put online, then set its parameters wide.

“We wanted the AI to come up with the kind of interesting resolutions we’re not thinking of,” Shane said. “We wanted whimsy,” added Rachel Goslins, the director of the Arts and Industries Building, “with a little bit of real.”

Okay, so probably not many people will really “Go into a library, climb up onto a shelf, yell down ‘I am a giant giraffe!’” But it’s a lot easier than trying to lose those 15 pounds. And this way you end up in a library.

Frank Miele