Joe Biden Holds Event at Campus Named for Family of Convicted Pedophile

Joe Biden is holding an event in deep-red Culpeper, Virginia at a local community college campus named for the family of a convicted pedophile and major Democrat donor. Biden will join Democrat Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger at the school in an attempt to sell a portion of his failed “Build Back Better” legislation.

Biden will emerge from the White House on February 10th to visit Germanna Community College’s Daniel Technology Center campus in Culpeper, Virginia, a deep-red county roughly 70 miles southwest of Washington, in an attempt to sell prescription drugs price controls. A controversial issue over a span of many years, the price controls are largely a socialist European concept credited with stifling drug production and consolidating the power of big pharma corporations.

Prescription price controls were a key component of the failed “Build Back Better” initiative pushed by Biden and other members of the global political power structure and now, Biden, alongside Congressional Democrats like Abigail Spanberger of Virginia’s purple 7th District, is hoping to split the price control items off from the rest of Build Back Better and ram it through the legislature as a piece of standalone legislation.

The Daniel Technology Center, located in deep-red Culpeper County, Virginia just outside the Town of Culpeper, is one of several regional campuses serving Germanna Community College and is named for the family of noted philanthropist Joe Daniel, a local businessman and major Democrat donor who played a key role in bringing the campus to Culpeper over a decade ago.

Joe Daniel is also the father of Fielding Daniel, a notorious pedophile who is currently serving out a more than 15-year sentence in federal prison after he was convicted on federal charges of Commercial Sex With a Minor and the Production of Child Pornography. The accusations which led to his arrest culminated in a massive raid on his home in a high-income Culpeper neighborhood, sparking regional headlines and a legal saga closely followed by local media and even The Washington Post. 


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The victim in the case was just 14-years-old, and Fielding Daniel was over 50 at the time of his conviction, having hunted down underage victims using an online “sugar daddy” website targeting economically disadvantaged young women and girls.

Joe Biden has also raised a son accused of committing hideous sex acts against children, with noted crack cocaine addict Hunter Biden appearing in highly sexualized photographs, apparently nearby his own niece, on images recovered from his former lap top.

While an announcement from Rep. Abigail Spanberger announcing Biden’s visit to Daniel Technology Center claims that Biden will “hear directly” from the people of Virginia’s 7th District during his trip, even employees of the school have reported being barred from the campus, as the event will be held on an invite-only basis. NBC’s Lester Holt will reportedly be on the scene though, staging interviews with Biden to air on national television during Super Bowl Sunday.

Like Biden, Spanberger’s 2020 re-election to Congress was not without massive irregularities and the distinct possibility of outright fraud. As National File reported at the time of the 2020 Election, when Republican challenger Nick Freitas appeared poised to flip the 7th District’s seat from blue to red, thousands of mostly Democrat votes were miraculously found on a discarded thumb drive, pushing Spanberger over the top to victory and helping Democrats maintain a razor-thin House majority.

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