Jarome Bell Eviscerates Pro-Trans Kiggans Surrogate at Candidate Forum

America First congressional candidate Jarome Bell eviscerated the establishment surrogate sent to Virginia’s 2nd District’s GOP candidate forum to debate on behalf of his primary race opponent, Jen Kiggans. Kiggans, whose campaign is being backed and bankrolled by Kevin McCarthy, has a long history of siding with the left on key issues, including radical pro-trans policies and COVID vaccine mandates. Though the primary day is approaching, Kiggans refused to join the rest of the field at the candidate forum, sending ex-Congresswoman Thelma Duke to debate in her stead.

“We have weak-kneed politicians that capitulate and cave to the left on every item across this nation,” Bell said at the forum, going on to highlight Jen Kiggans’ State Senate voting record that includes support for SB 868, one of the widest sweeping pieces of pro-trans legislation in American history.

Also known as the “Virginia Values Act,” the bill opened girls’ restrooms and other public accommodations up to men. It was a key piece of ex-Governor Ralph Northam’s radical agenda and was cited by Virginia’s education department in forcing schools to adopt radical pro-trans bathroom and pronoun policies, like those in Loudoun County, where a gender-fluid male in a skirt who was granted access to girls’ restrooms was convicted of the serial rape of his female peers. 

“Jen Kiggans hasn’t met a transgender bill that she doesn’t like. She’s voted for almost every transgender bill that was presented to Governor Northam,” Bell said, going on to question why she’s repeatedly refused to show up to any candidate forums and suggesting that it’s because she’s unable or unwilling to defend her pro-trans record in front of voters and the competition. 

“Where is Jen?” asked Bell. “Jen needs to be here to answer some of these questions on her own, she’s missed three of these now,” he went on, amidst sounds of agreement from the audience. 

“She’s missed three. She doesn’t want to be here because she knows that Jarome Bell is going to ask her the tough questions. I want to know why she voted for the Virginia Values Act – SB 868 – which is the biggest LGBTQ transgender legislation in this nation that gave protected status to transgenderism. I want to know why she voted on SB 657, SB 623, SB 618 – all gender bills,” Bell went on, publicly exposing Kiggans’ record as her surrogate debater stood by. 

“She’s part of the uni-party!” said Bell, reminding voters that Democrats didn’t need Kiggans’ support to pass the legislation, but that she sided with them anyways, against her own party and the voters who sent her to Richmond in the first place. 

“When a person has a voting record, you look at it, that’s who they are. Their voting record is who they are and my dad always told me ‘when a person shows you who they are, you better believe it,’” Bell said. 

With Kiggans being backed by establishment leaders like Kevin McCarthy and Elise Stefanik, Bell said that she’ll be expected to vote in favor of the so-called Equality Act, which is a federal version of the Virginia Values Act and would enforce pro-trans policy nationwide. Both McCarthy and Stefanik have been ardent supporters of the controversial bill, joining forces with Nancy Pelosi in previous efforts to ram it through Congress. 

“Let’s just be serious here, let’s just be honest,” Bell said, reminding everyone that Kiggans has repeatedly misled the voters about her support for the Virginia Values Act, claiming that she didn’t know what a public accommodation was and that the bill was designed to keep transgenders off of welfare. “This is the problem. We have politicians that come up here and lie and blow smoke up your rear ends just to get elected. They run as conservatives and then they vote as moderates,” Bell said. 

“It’s not just the Democrats’ fault, it’s our fault. We put these people in office and we can no longer keep doing that.”

The winner of the GOP’s race for Virginia’s 2nd District nomination to Congress will face Democrat incumbent, 1/6 Committee member, and close Pelosi ally Elaine Luria in November’s midterms. Luria has been exposed for her close financial ties to Chinese Communist Party espionage efforts, as well as big tech. Though she no longer even lives in the 2nd District, Luria has stated that she feels pushed to run for re-election by her desire to stop the America First agenda of Jarome Bell, who’s been endorsed by the likes of General Flynn, Ted Nugent, and Freedom Caucus Rep. Bob Good.

While Bell says he’ll run a grassroots, America First campaign to flip the 2nd District back to red, Kiggans says she’ll use the old playbook of disgraced ex-Rep. Scott Taylor, of the GOP establishment. Taylor was twice defeated by Luria – once in his 2018 re-election bid and again in 2020 – and became embroiled in an election fraud scandal that saw his campaign staff criminally convicted. Along with Kevin McCarthy, Scott Taylor has given his endorsement in the 2022 race to Jen Kiggans, something Bell calls the “kiss of death” for her campaign.

Watch Jarome Bell’s forum remarks below:

Frankie Stockes