Irrefutable Bombshell! New Hampshire State Wide Audit Called For As Rig Evidence Explodes

In New Hampshire, they’re also exposing the rigged election.

Conservative Treehouse explained:

Perhaps this is one of the most important election audit videos to date.  Unfortunately the presenter and production quality are not as good as needed; however, the content is exceptionally important.  The video below needs to be watched in its entirety, perhaps a few times to digest the content.

BACKGROUND – In Windham, New Hampshire, folds in ballots are presumed to be the primary issue that generated disqualified ballots.  When the ballot fold runs near a blank oval space (where a vote would be registered) the ballot counting machine was counting the fold and crease as a vote.  This generates what’s called “overvotes“, meaning more voter selections made on the ballot than allowed.  The overvotes create disqualified ballots.

It appears many, if not all, folded ballots create overvote ballots, and those overvote ballots are disqualified.  This is why there is such a high percentage error rate between the electronic tabulation results and the hand recounts not using machines.

This outcome is also what creates the disparity in votes cast and actual voting percentages as identified in the tabulation results for specific machines.  The higher the number of overvoted ballots, ie (disqualified) ballots, through a machine, the more flawed the tabulation result as a comparison of all voter ballots through similar machines. This is what has been identified in Windham, New Hampshire.

The Windham election officials, and auditors with a vested interest in the position of the New Hampshire state officials, have said the ballot folding issue, aka “the overvote issue”, is isolated to just that one city, Windham.

However, the research teams have identified other counties in New Hampshire with the exact same “overvote” issue, which creates the exact same disqualified ballot issue, and matches the exact same statistical anomaly in the tabulation results as seen in counting machines in other counties.

The issue is far more widespread than just Windham. The exact same pattern of high “overvote” ballots resulting in skewed tabulation results from specific machines has been identified in neighboring counties.

Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, the folding issue impacts all of the races on the ballots (local, state and federal) because the “overvote” ballots were disqualified.

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April Matthews