Idaho Governor Brad Little Vetoes Legislation that Seeks to Protect the Unvaccinated

Idaho Republican Governor Brad Little vetoed a bill on Monday that would protect the unvaccinated from the vaccine requirements imposed by business owners until at least 2023.

In his transmittal letter, Governor Little claimed that Senate Bill 1381 “significantly expands government overreach into the private sector.”

“I have been consistent in stating my belief that businesses should be left to make decisions about the management of their operations and employees with limited interference from government,” Gov. Bill stated in his letter addressed to the president of the Idaho Senate, Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin.

“For the same reason, I sued to stop President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates three times, successfully challenging his unprecedented government overreach into the lives of American workers and the decisions of free businesses,” he continued.

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Read his full transmittal letter below:

Governor Brad Little Vetoes… by Jim Hoft

Senate Bill 1381 passed by the House on March 18 with a 45-23 vote, two absent. The Legislature could override the governor’s veto; it would require a slim margin of one or two more votes in the House, per Idaho Capital Sun.

If the bill becomes law, the vaccine requirement for employees will be prohibited and violators will be punished with not more than a $1,000 penalty.

Jim Hoft