‘Hospital Covid Fascism’ – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

International editor Ben Harnwell reports from Rome on the latest outrage of the establishment using covid as a weapon against the people.

“This is a story today about unaccountable state bureaucrats, and my observation is that if you give agents of the state arbitrary power you can be 100 percent sure that that power will be used arbitrarily. … There’s a 5-year-old boy… with a congenital heart problem. His parents had organized with the local hospital in Bologna the urgent operation on the heart… [The family] asked that the hospital guarantee that those blood transfusions will be from unvaccinated blood donors…. The hospital said no…. The parents took the hospital to court, the court sided with the hospital, removed the parents as the legal guardians of this child. The court appointed its own guardian… on the grounds that the parents were unfit … to be guardians of their own child… It’s absolutely astonishing.”


Frank Miele