Here’s What They’re Going To Do With Omicron To Save Biden’s Regime – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic


Host Stephen K. Bannon explains what the game plan is for the Biden regime to use (again!) the Covid pandemic as an excuse to increase social control and cement power.

“Here’s what they’re gonna do on Omicron. They’re gonna say, oh it’s all gonna shut down. The unvaccinated brought this —  oh, we need another stimulus package. If we can’t get Build Back Better, I need another $2 trillion stimulus package…. They’re going to go through a series of lockdowns. What happens in Europe comes here about 90 days later. … Here’s what Biden’s gonna do. To save his illegitimate regime, they’re gonna sit there and go ‘It’s the unvaccinated, it’s the Deplorables, it’s the Trump insurrectionists.’”



Frank Miele