Greg Gutfeld Shares Emotional Video Of His Mother-In-Law Reuniting With Her Daughter After Escaping Ukraine

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld shared footage of his mother-in-law reuniting with her daughter, his wife Elena Moussa, after fleeing Ukraine on “The Five” Friday.

Footage showed the mother and daughter embracing one another outside of a Renaissance hotel in Warsaw, Poland. Fox News Moscow-based correspondent Steve Harrigan, filming the reunion, asked Moussa about her experience waiting for her mother’s arrival.

“It was awful, it was absolutely awful,” Moussa said. “But I’m so happy to have her back.”


Gutfeld thanked his colleagues Harrigan, Fox News war correspondent Trey Yingst and Scott Wilder for assisting his mother-in-law in fleeing the country. He said millions of Ukrainians remain in danger from the aggression of Russian forces.

“But in the face of evil there’s still good in the world and heroes everywhere,” Gutfeld said. “Like the people on the ground risking their own lives to lead others to safety. And others are doing what they can to help out.”

He credited Project Dynamo and Uber for helping the citizens of Ukraine flee to safety during the ongoing crisis.

Gutfeld announced Thursday that his mother-in-law fled Ukraine and was en route to meet Moussa in Poland. He told his co-hosts Wednesday that she was currently residing in a hotel in Lviv, located 43 miles from Poland, where several Ukrainians sought shelter after Russian missiles and bombs had destroyed their homes and communities. (RELATED: Greg Gutfeld Announces His Mother-In-Law Fled Ukraine) 

The United Nations announced Wednesday that one million Ukrainians fled the country in less than a week, with more than half seeking refuge in Poland. Ukraine’s other neighboring countries Hungary, Moldova, and Slovakia also gained a substantial portion of refugees.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the U.S. is prepared to welcome Ukrainian refugees and is in the process of collaborating with European countries on the “needs and capacity” at a Feb. 24 press conference.

Over 2,000 Ukrainians have died since Russia’s full-scale invasion of the country on Feb. 23, where Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a “special military operation” into the Donbas region and launched airstrike and missile attacks on several cities, including its capital, Kyiv.

Nicole Silverio