GiveSendGo HACKED… Demon Hackers Take Over GiveSendGo Website — Then Post the Personal Information of Freedom Convoy Donors Online

GiveSendGo was hacked on Sunday night during the Super Bowl.

Far Left Demon Hackers Take Over GiveSendGo Website — They then posted the personal information of the Freedom Convoy donors.

The Marxists will not stop until everyone is silenced.
These idiots are the online terrorists who do the dirty work of the left.

TRENDING: BREAKING: The FED Announces Closed Meeting to be Held Monday Morning Under Expedited Procedures

Anything that is good is under attack by the satanic left.

The hackers posted the donor information online. We will not be linking to that information in this post.

GiveSendGo is back up and running at this time.

Trans hacker Emma Best is tweeting…

Jim Hoft