Gisele Fetterman Promised To ‘Absolutely’ Support Putting LGBTQ Education In ‘All Schools,’ Unearthed Interview Reveals. – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

Pennsylvania Senate hopeful John Fetterman’s wife Gisele Fetterman – often dubbed the “de-facto” candidate due to her husband’s recent stroke – insisted she would “absolutely” support LGBTQ education in “all schools.”

Speaking with “Professor Pride” during an unearthed interview from a “Pride Month” event posted July 2021, Fetterman explains her ambitions for Pennsylvania’s education system.

“Being the Lieutenant Governor’s wife and also with the Senate campaign, would you support LGBTQ education in all schools?” asks LGBTQ activist Matt Haslam, also known as “Professor Pride.”

“Absolutely. Yeah,” Fetterman responds.

“I mean we have to break cycles, right? If we don’t work to break cycles, cycles aren’t going to be broken,” she continues.

“The history of incredible LGBTQ contributors to history that I was never taught in school, and kids deserve to know the truth,” Fetterman adds.

“I think our children are going to be so much better, but that means you’ve just got to push harder,” she remarked during the interview, where she also told a story about her four-year-old son’s embrace of a same-sex wedding. While serving as Mayor of Braddock, Fetterman was the first elected official in Pennsylvania to officiate a gay wedding.

“I’m raising children to love all people. At that wedding, my son was four at that time, and we were running around the house making sure the wedding was perfect, and he said “mom, like what’s going on,” Fetterman begins the story.

“I said, “we have a big wedding at the house today,” and he said “Daddy marries people all the time. Like what’s the big deal,” she continues.

“I said, “well, today it’s two boys getting married,” and my four-year-old said “so what?” and he walked away. And it was just beautiful, right? That’s how we should all feel,” she concludes.