German City of Cologne May Drop Historic Cathedral From its Logo

The German city of Cologne is likely to drop an image of its historic cathedral from the city’s official logo. The current logo has been used for more than 20 years, but the city government now wants to appear more secular. The government says the logo must change because it is “too complex.”

The newspaper Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger wrote that the logo is “Unfashionable, old-fashioned, bulky, [and] emotionless,” in its brand analysis. While no concrete plans have been made as of this writing, a spokesman for current leftist mayor, Henriette Reker, claimed that the change of the logo had already been decided upon and the government would not change their minds on the rebranding.

Former Cologne mayor Fritz Schramma is among those who spoke out against the changes. “I don’t usually interfere in current city politics, but now this is enough for me,” Schramma said. “One would like to be objective, professional about the (necessary?) modification of the city logo. But after this unqualified, inaccurate judgment of an advertising agency, I have to get in touch as a former mayor and co-creator of the previous logo.”

Roman Catholic priest Robert Kleine of the Cologne Cathedral also spoke in opposition to the proposed changes, according to Breitbart. “The new logo and the slogan are arbitrary. It was good for us in Cologne to show that it is we who have the cathedral,” Kleine said.

The Roman Catholic Cologne Cathedral was completed in the 19th-century and has long been one of the city’s most treasured cultural landmarks. Its predecessor building dates back to 1248.

Though the city has a Christian heritage that spans multiple centuries, Mayor Reker introduced a controversial policy that allows Muslim communities to broadcast their calls to Friday prayers. On Twitter, Reker described the project as a “sign of respect”, showing that Cologne is “the city of [religious] freedom and diversity”. Reker questioned why the Cologne Cathedral is allowed to ring church bells if Muslims can’t have their prayer call.

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Cullen McCue