‘Fugazi’: Joe Rogan Says ‘A Lot Of F**kery’ Is Going On At GETTR, He ‘Wants To Get Off’ The Platform

Comedian and popular podcast Joe Rogan slammed GETTR for using fake follower numbers and other “f**kery” during a recent podcast episode with Tim Dillon, during which Rogan also expressed a desire to get off the platform.

“You have like 9 million followers on GETTR,” Dillon said.

“Yeah, it’s not real though,” Rogan replied. “Because GETTR doesn’t even have 9 million people. There’s a lot of f**kery.”

Rogan continued, “So this is the f**kery with that: they take all my Twitter followers, so my Twitter followers is like 7.8 million, and then they port those over, so I started out with 7.8 million. So whatever I have now, if I have like, 8, really i have 200,000.”

“So GETTR is fugazi,as they say,” Dillon said.


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“Fugazi,” Rogan agreed. “And everytime I post on Twitter, it posts automatically on GETTR. Yeah, it like, automatically does that. And I don’t know how to get off, like if I want to get off of GETTR. I don’t think I can.”

Free speech platform Gab jibed at GETTR by posting the video of Rogan’s remarks and stating, “Can’t help you with that one Joe, but I can help you get on Gab.”

GETTR recently faced scrutiny for its strange handling of follower accounts for new users.

The Stanford Internet Observatory and Cyber Policy Center notes that it was “launched by former Trump spokesman Jason Miller, with assistance and promotion by exiled Chinese businessman Miles Guo”. Stanford released its “first comprehensive analysis of the new platform” on August 12.

According to this analysis, the parties responsible for creating and promoting GETTR “are not transparent,” because, “While Miller has distanced Gettr from Miles Guo, the app appears to still be developed by a Guo-linked development team.” Additionally, “Gettr appears to have exaggerated its initial growth,” having claimed to reach 1 million users within its first month. In reality, Stanford asserts “that Gettr reached 1.5m users in August 2021, while Jason Miller claimed Gettr surpassed this number in mid-July.

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